What Gives Me Energy: Day 2 of Paleo…still going strong.

 - by Heidi Hess

Have we discussed how much I am liking this Paleo gig (not love…yet)?

I’m eating well, and I’m not having those crazy hunger spikes that I have had before that I”m pretty sure are connected to sugar. I’m still working through the whole breakfast thing…but I eat well, and I’m discovering this whole other community around Paleo and living this life style.

A lot of people tell me that they couldn’t give up carbs (bread/pasta), or dairy. Personally I’m enjoying the lack of weirdness from my latte and my coffee bills have gone down because I just drink straight black coffee.

One thing about Paleo is that you really have to plan in the beginning, which is tough to get used to. I’m hoping that by teaching myself to plan my meals in advance will help me plan for work better… that’s a challenge.

Also, tonight on the way home from TRX, I had the strongest desire to go to the golden arches and get some chicken nuggets (I didn’t, don’t worry!). Then I remembered how I felt when I saw the truck with the breathing holes this morning, and how I felt when I watched all the chickens get rounded up on that factory farming documentary. Then I was ok.

I also discovered something super cool today: Steve’s Paleo Kits . I haven’t tried them yet, but I will let you know ASAP what I think. :-)

Until next time


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